Jobs at Isra University (Isra Dental College) Career Opportunity 2018

Teaching, Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor Jobs

Career Opportunity at Isra University (Isra Dental College) (ISRA) in Hyderabad Cities.

Last Date to Apply is Saturday, September 22, 2018
Career Opportunity at Isra University (Isra Dental College)
Isra University (Isra Dental College) is a Private Organization which requires employees for Teaching, Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor Jobs in cities Hyderabad.
ISRA University require need professors for its Period-ontology.
Job TitleCareer Opportunity
Last Date to Apply2018-09-22
Organization Name Isra University (Isra Dental College)
Phone Number +92-22-2030181-4
Organization TypePrivate
Cities Hyderabad
Jobs Teaching, Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor


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