Introduction to C Lanuage - C Tutorials Part1

C language Tutorials Part 1

This is the first lecture to study C programming, this lecture/tutorial includes the introduction to C Language and a basic structure of a C program and how to write, compile and run C program on your computer.

C Language is the general purpose language, it is an high level language which was developed Dennis Ritchie for the Unix operating system, C was the successor of B language which was introduced in 1970. the C language was firstly implemented in 1972  on the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP - II. after that all the application of Unix operating system and Unix operating system itself was written using C Language.

Benefits of Using C
Some of the major reasons of Using C language and the reasons of C language to become widely used as professional language are:
  • C language was structured language.
  • It was easy to learn C language.
  • C language produce efficient programs.
  • It can be compiled on different computers with same code.
  • We can use C language to control hardware operations.
C Language Uses
As mentioned earlier C language was developed to write Unix operating system and its applications, but this is not the only use of C language, it was used to write Operating Systems because the code generated by C language was as fast as the code generated by assembly language, some other main uses of C Language are: Operating Systems, Language Translators (Compiler, Interpreter, Assemblers), utilities, print spoolers, text editors, databases etc.

IDE for C Language
The most famous Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to write and compiler C language programs is Borland Turbo C which works awesomely for writing C programming codes, you can also use Dev C++ as it gives a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) for writing a C program, easy to use by newbies to programming.

Basic Structure of C Program
#define pi 3.142                     // preprocessor define directive
#include <____.h>                 // preprocessor include directive or header files
void main (void)                    // start of main function
statement 1;                          //statements
statement 2;

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